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Advance One Day - Leading Strong. April 20, 2018


PERSONAL SUCCESS ADVANTAGE | $150 $79 through Friday

Have you ever felt like you were hitting a ceiling in your growth or success? Have you felt like something or someone was holding you back, but you couldn’t figure it out?

The Personal Success Advantage will walk you through each area of your life so that you can finally break free of the thoughts, circumstances and people that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Throughout this 50+ video course Matt Keller teaches how you can have a personal success advantage in life and at work.

The personal success advantage is a brand new resource available through Next Level Solutions and offered through the popular Udemy app. Click the link below to purchase. We will email you course instructions within 1 week.

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Want to share these sessions with your team? For today only, you will have the opportunity to purchase all of the day’s video sessions for only $49! Please go to the resource table and we will deliver all of the sessions by March 16th.

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DIGITAL ACCESS | $195 $150

Digital Access is a monthly subscription that has been created to help business teams become better as an organization and move their busness forward. A video teaching and follow-up questions from Matt Keller will be delivered monthly to your inbox. This is an easy way for your organization to have a monthly staff meeting so you can consistently grow and get better together.

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Online Executive Coaching is monthly virtual coaching for Executives, Vice Presidents, COO’s & CFO’s who want to take their leadership and their businesses to the next level of success. These groups meet virtually every month for 90 minutes with a facilitator and other executives to learn from Matt Keller through Digital Access Videos and discussion around various leadership topics including, How Organizations Grow, Vision, Leadership Priorities, Healthy Teams, and more!

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Quote Available Upon Request

Our speakers and coaches are available to speak at your business or association to teach leadership principles to your staff, members or organization. We truly believe that these teachings will revolutionize your business by giving you up-close and personalized content to grow your organization in your current reality

Topics include Leadership, Team Culture, Marketing, Time Management or any topic from Advance One Day that you think will help your team. Whether you have a team of 4 or an event with 4,000 we have coaching and keynote solutions for you.

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